• Keep in mind this "team" is maintained by one child, who knows nothing about the process of jailbreaking.
  • Below he declares that he does not develop jailbreaks.


About a year later:

How it all worked

Coolbooter Untether

  • Recently the Coolbooter Team released on twitter an update for coolbooter.
  • This update allowed users to take advantage of the new Coolbooter Untether feature. This tool, noted on The iPhone Wiki, allows any user with an untethered jailbreak to boot untethered to the secondary OS.

So how did he get untethered to begin with?

  • @iHateRa1n had to have been on any untethered jailbreak that is supported by Coolbooter, for example Pangu 9 or EtasonJB.
  • From there he was able to get iOS iOS 9.3.5 as his secondary OS.
  • As long as his primary OS was untethered, he was able to boot directly to 9.3.5 always, untethered.

Is it fake?

  • yes.
  • He used a public tool to his advantaged, and advertised it as though it were his own creation.

What could he have done better?

  • He should've just made a tutorial on how to use Coolbooter Untether, instead of making his own product out of it called "Stigma".
  • AppShed is known for it's easy drag and drop web application builder.
  • Eventually, people started using this as their cydia alt or cydia clone startups.
Why are they fake?
  • Any cydia clone under apps.appshed.com is fake and is only a web application. The real Cydia is native to iOS, and doesn't require the internet to even open the app.
  • The real Cydia is installed through Jailbreaking.
    • To find a jailbreak for your iOS, check JBStatus
  • The official Cydia website is https://cydia.saurik.com.